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30 day mechanical warranty.

90 day authenticity guarantee.


watchmania.co.uk  is for avid vintage wrist & pocket watch collectors.

watchmania.co.uk specialises in mechanical (wind up or auto) wrist watches which are generally over 30 years old from an era before the mass produced Quartz (battery) watch.

We specialise in vintage wrist & pocket watches from the period 1910 to 1970.

We also buy & sell vintage & antique pocket watches.

The 1870's to the 1920's was the golden age of American pocket watch manufacturers such as Hamilton, Elgin, Waltham, Illinois, and many others. This was the era when mass production techniques were perfected and there are some lovely examples from this period which are both highly ornate but also highly accurate collectable pocket watches.

From around 1910 onward the wristwatch began to appear and take a larger and larger share of the market from the pocket watch until the wristwatch dominated in the late 1930's.

 In 1940's the Swiss manufacturers began to dominate the middle and top end of the market.

A huge variety of wrist & pocket watches were produced in the period 1910 - 1970 from a multitude of different manufacturers.

We value these mechanical marvels for their engineering and design, for the hours of labour which went into their production and for their individuality.

These old vintage watches are seriously cool !

If you want a new quartz watch then your in the wrong place, but if you want a genuine vintage watch which will appreciate in value and which you can cherish for many many years to come then please take a look at our watches ..................


 Ladies Swiss Pocket Watch

Oris Wristwatch

 Omega Speedmaster Professional with sapphire (see through) back

 Ladies Elgin wristwatch

 Seiko 5 Automatic day date

 Silver H.Samuel Pocket Watch

 Citizen manual wind wristwatch

 Gold plated Thomas Russel Pocket watch


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