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Q1) Do vintage watches appreciate in value ?

A) Like anything else vintage watches are subject to the vagaries of the market and prices can go up or down but the definite trend is up. Most of the watches featured on are over 30 years old and ceased production many years ago. Consequently as some got  broken , lost or damaged over the years their rarity has increased. Also, the collecting of vintage watches is definitely a growing pastime as more people appreciate their intrinsic beauty.


Q2) Are vintage watches more accurate than their far cheaper Quartz counterparts.

A)  The answer to this, generally, is a definite NO. The most accurate mechanical chronometer is accurate to a few seconds per day  which is generally surpassed by quartz technology.


Q3) Given the above why buy  a vintage watch ?

A) Its a matter of personal taste but consider; rarity, beauty, craftsmanship, quality of construction, and the knowledge that many, many hours of labour have gone into their making. Vintage watches have character & uniqueness, something rarely found in a new quartz watch.


Q4) What guarantee do you give on watches sold on

A) If, for whatever reason. You are not delighted with your purchase return within 7 days for a complete & full refund. We also offer a 30 day mechanical warranty. Please read Policy for details.


Q5) What if the watch turns out to be a fake ?

A) This is extremely unlikely as all our watches are verified, where possible, using original manufacturers serial numbers etc but is unique in that we offer a 90 day return to base full money back guarantee, regardless of condition, if an independent watchmaker (BHI, NAWCC or similar approved) verifies the item is not genuine.


Q6) You also buy watches, is it fair to buy a watch for £150 & sell it for £200.

A) When we buy a watch we buy it "as sold" so we take on an inherent risk. We may have to clean it and do some minor restoration. If it does not run well we may have to get it cleaned & serviced. We then have to advertise it and find a buyer., like any  business  is expected to be profitable. Sellers are free to obtain a better price elsewhere and are generally pleasantly surprised by our valuation. Buyers receive our guarantees outlined above. If you can think of any ways we can make things even fairer we will be pleased to hear from you.

Q7) Your guarantees seem too good to be true; what's the catch ?

A) There isn't one. It's simple really. If you get a good service from us you are happy more likely to do business with us in the future. You also tell your friends what a great service you got  & so the word spreads. Our Business grows based on Quality of product & service and everyone is happy. It's a Win-Win scenario.

Q8) How can I trust with my credit or debit card details ?

A) This is something you DEFINITELY DO NOT need to worry about as we use a secure and encrypted service provided via paypal for all credit card transactions.

Q9) So how do I pay for my purchase ?

A) You can pay using your credit card, debit card  or paypal by clicking on the "Buy Now" button next to your chosen item.


In the U.K you can also pay by cheque, Postal Order or BACS (direct transfer from your bank account to ours) by contacting us first, click on "contact us" button below.

Q10) How do you grade the watches you sell ?

A) We use the following grading system for all our watches:-

10 - NOS - "new old stock" comes with original box & papers & has never been used.

9 - Mint - Worn a handful of times, no signs of wear.

8 - Near Mint -  minimal signs of wear, very light scratches.

7 - Excellent - small signs of wear, some light scratches.

6 - Very Good - signs of light use, some scratches or "rubbing".

5 - Good - signs of general use, some scratches or "rubbing" commensurate with age.

ALL of our watches are Good or better & all are working & keep good time (generally to within a few minutes per day)


Q11) What are your shipping methods & costs ? always ships "sign on delivery" & fully insured.

Destination Shipping Service Cost
United Kingdom Royal Mail Special Delivery £6.00
Europe (including Republic of Ireland) Royal Mail International Signed For £8.00
U.S.A & Canada Royal Mail International Signed For £12.00
Rest of World Royal Mail International Signed For £18.00

If any part of the world is not served by Royal Mail shipping will be by a mutually agreed alternative carrier at a cost of £25 minimum.

In an effort to minimise harm to our planets environment uses recycled materials wherever possible.

Q12) Will I have to pay import duty if buying from outside the UK ?

This is probable as we will not falsify customs documents to declare purchases as "gifts" or "repairs". How much you pay depends on your resident country & you will have to do your own research. We are not responsible for any duties or customs charges levied.

Q13) Do I need to take any special care with my vintage watch ?

Yes, is the short answer. Vintage watches have not lasted for decades if their owner did not look after them. Vintage watches are not as robust as modern quartz watches. We would not recommend wearing a vintage watch if indulging in physical sport, manual labour or any activity where the watch may be subject to physical abuse. Although some vintage watches are described as "waterproof" or  "water resistant" this property is very likely to have diminished with the years so a vintage watch should not be worn whilst swimming or washing the dishes !

We would also recommend removing your watch before washing or showering. Soap is an abrasive and unkind to the materials used in the manufacture of vintage watches.

Vintage watches contain mechanical movements and we recommend  they are regularly serviced every couple of years. Find a local independent watchmaker to do this for you & the cost will be well worth it.

Look after your vintage watch & it will repay you with many years loyal service & appreciating value.

Q14) Does a vintage watch make a good present ?

No doubt about it !  One customer who was "best man"  bought one of our pocket watches as a wedding gift for the groom. What a fantastic idea. The lucky guy would have a unique memento of the occasion & always be reminded of his friends loyalty whenever he gazed upon the watch. Truly a gift to treasure.

Another customer had lost his childhood watch and never told his parents. 30 years later he was able to buy an identical watch from & wore it proudly on his next visit to his folks.

How many guys would love to own an Omega or a Longines but could never afford a new model. Now you can treat the man in your life to a vintage model at a fraction of the price of a new one but with ten times the character.

Or why not indulge yourself, you deserve it!

No doubt about it, vintage watches make a great gift !!!


Q15) Can I come & examine your watches before purchase ?

Sorry, but this is not possible. All our watches are stored in a safe deposit box at our bank. You have seven days from receipt to examine your purchase at your leisure & if you are not happy you may return it for a complete refund.


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